The saturation point of the Ghazipur landfill

.”Recently, deaths have occurred due to landslides at the landfill site, which has risen up to 65 meters, about 40 meters more than the permissible limit, the plea said.A two-judge bench headed by acting chairperson justice Jawad Rahim directed the DDA to file its reply before April 23.New Delhi: The saturation point of the Ghazipur landfill site and non-availability of alternative land to manage garbage has prompted East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) to move the National Green Tribunal (NGT). With the rapid development and urbanisation of the megacity, the waste generation was increasing on a daily basis, which has resulted in the saturation of the existing landfill sites that can only handle only up to 7,000 MT of waste generated per day, the NGT said. “The only available site in EDMC jurisdiction, that is, Ghazipur landfill site which was fully saturated way back in 2000 continues to get 1,600 metric tonnes of waste of Delhi on a daily basis even after 17 years of the scheduled closure….This is an alarming situation since the gases trapped in the site are a ticking time bomb, which, if an explosion takes place, will result in cataclysmic repercussion for the thousands of people who live in close proximity thereto. During the hearing of the issue at the green panel, advocate Balendu Shekhar, appearing for the civic body said that the two pieces of land were approved and appraised by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and it should be handed-over to the corporation for handling municipal solid waste. ”There is no other alternative possible in these circumstances,” the green panel added.”The only reparation including composting, bio-stabilisation, conversion into biodiversity park (on the lines Swarn Jayanti Park on Ring Road) can only take place, if this landfill site closes for good,” the municipal corporation said. The experts consulted in this regard, including Manoj Dutta from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, have Garden Cart Manufacturers clearly stated that no reparation work on the landfill site is possible, if continued dumping occurs, the plea added.The green tribunal had earlier directed the Delhi government and the civic bodies to submit an action plan for identifying alternative landfill sites and setting up waste-to-energy plants in the city. The municipal corporation on Friday  moved an application seeking urgent direction to the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to hand-over a 130-acre piece of land at Sonia Vihar and a 50-acre plot at Ghonda Gujran for solid waste management facilities on a priority basis. Lawyer Kush Sharma, appearing for the housing authority, told the bench that a detailed reply would be filed by it. The green panel further said that it was unfortunate that at a time when the national capital was grappling with the huge quantum of waste to the tune of 14,000 metric tonnes (MT) on a daily basis, the authorities were involved in a “blame game” and showing an irresponsible attitude

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The initiative has already been contacted by interested

.CoordinatorValentine Vilboux, 29, travels on her electric bicycle to restaurants in the western city of Nantes, collecting peelings otherwise destined for the bin. “Its a little drop, but the potential is enormous,” Vilboux said confidently.Cyclists call at each restaurant twice a week to pick up the waste. Everything apart from bread, meat and fish,” she says. The initiative has already been contacted by interested individuals in the southern French city of Perpignan, the Belgian capital Brussels, and the Indian Ocean island of La Reunion. The prize, to be awarded in November, is $15,000 (12,500 euros). Salad bar manager Colette Marghieri wanted to join the scheme, even though there is no legal obligation to separate biodegradable rubbish. We can see how much used to be thrown away. La Tricyclerie, a neat play on the French words for sorting out rubbish, recycling and biking, turns vegetable, coffee, and other organic waste into compost.

This “black gold” could serve as fertiliser for farmers once its been composted, and currently represents a third of French household rubbish.  “Its a lot! It proves the food is fresh and homemade,” she says, of one cafe after weighing out 20 kilos of vegetable peelings.      Their creative initiative, which relies largely on volunteers, has even impressed the United Nations (UN). The compost is redistributed free of charge to community gardens or to students of the Nantes horticultural school. Fellow restaurant manager Guenole Clequin said: “Its simple and very effective. “At the start, I had some doubts about the sorting but its easy and it doesnt disrupt the service at all,” she said.And the impact could spread out of town. La Tricyclerie, which collects around 1. La Tricyclerie and its founder Coline Billon, 26, are one of 12 world finalists, whittled down from 2,400 candidates, for the UNs “Young Champions of the Earth” competition.

Its simple; we take everything, even the eggshells and citrus fruits.Launched at the end of 2015 with just eight restaurants on board, the anti-waste tour has grown to include 23 restaurants and nine businesses, catching the attention of the United Nations.Black goldWhile paper and glass recycling is becoming automatic to many, biodegradable waste generally ends up in landfill or incinerators in France.NANTES: Putting an end to the unnecessary burning of biodegradable waste, one restaurant at a time, has become the forceful mission of a team of French cyclists.”La Tricyclerie, which has two paid staff and about 10 volunteer collectors on bikes, receives a financial contribution of 40 euros per month and an annual membership fee of Plastic Pallet 50 euros from each business.5 tonnes of waste a month, has set itself an objective of reducing the volume of restaurant food waste in the city by 40 percent. “A real community with the restaurants has built up around the reduction of rubbish and the creation of compost — we are real environmental actors,” said one of the volunteers, Pierre Briand, stirring smoking compost. “Its very rewarding, even if you dont feel like youve invented something incredible,” said Vilboux

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What is bannedProducts manufactured from plastic

Following the state government’s notification to the municipal corporations last Friday, in which it directed local bodies to come up with implementation plans for the plastic ban and for disposing the existing stock of ban items, the BMC has decided to install collection points in market areas of all wards, including the BMC markets. As such, it is important that there should be a strict and proper disposal of the plastic items collected. BMC officials stated that within two days, around 100 manufacturers of alternative bags have approached them and the civic body is expecting more manufacturers in the coming week.”We have been communicated that the shopkeepers are facing the problem of alternatives to plastic bags. “The full list of the sites will be finalised this week, however we have zeroed in on famous market places like Crawford, Colaba, the Linking Road, Chembur, Mulund and Borivali market among others.

What is bannedProducts manufactured from plastic and thermocol (polystyrene) like disposable dish or bowl, cups, plates, glasses, fork, spoons, containers, straw, non-woven polypropene bags, pouches, all of which are commonly used for packaging food items including liquids and food grains. Plastic bags for packaging milk, bags of thickness less than 50 microns have been permitted to remain in use. As such we will be releasing the list of manufacturers, who could supply cloth bags, paper bags, jute bags and even biodegradable plastic bags. As such, there will be at least one collection point in each ward,” added Ms Chaudhari. In its bid to help shopkeepers, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) will be uploading a list of manufacturers of paper bags, jute bags and biodegradable plastic for each ward. BMC officials stated that it was also giving shopkeepers a month’s time for getting rid of all the banned items, after which it will start checking the shops and markets.. “At some instances, it has been found that even the segregated waste collected from societies is dumped at the landfill sites by the cleaning workers. The civic bodies should also make the recycling plans public so that NGOs or other organisations who are working on the waste recycling could come forward and contact them,” said Rohit Joshi, a Thane based activist.Mumbai: Shopkeepers in the city are facing a challenge in finding alternative carry bags following the plastic ban. We are generating the list from each ward, so that shopkeepers can access information in a click,” said Nidhi Chaudhari, deputy municipal commissioner, working on the planning process of implementation of plastic ban in the city. We will also be conducting awareness drives in these areas.Meanwhile activists have highlighted concerns Garden Cart over the recycling process post the disposal of existing stock by shopkeepers and customers.What is not bannedPlastic material used for packaging medicines and drugs have been exempted from this ban

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The team is collaborating with Gozdem Kilaz

Wang added, “Plastic waste disposal, whether recycled or thrown away, does not mean the end of the story.Speaking about it, Linda Wang, lead author of the study said, “Our strategy is to create a driving force for recycling by converting polyolefin waste into a wide range of valuable products, including polymers, naphtha (a mixture of hydrocarbons), or clean fuels.The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2050 the oceans will hold more plastic waste than fish if the waste continues to be dumped into bodies of water.The conversion process incorporates selective extraction and hydrothermal liquefaction. Wangs technology is patented through the Purdue Research Foundations Office of Technology Commercialisation.Washington: According to the United Nations, more than 8 million tons of plastic flow into the oceans each year. This is a catastrophe, because once these pollutants are in the oceans, they are impossible to retrieve completely. She and her team are looking for investors or partners to assist with demonstrating this technology at a commercial scale..” Wang, Kai Jin, a graduate student and Wan-Ting (Grace) Chen, a postdoctoral researcher at Purdue, are the inventors of the technology, which can convert more than 90 per cent of polyolefin waste into many different products, including pure polymers, naphtha, fuels, or monomers.”Wang said she hopes her technology will stimulate the recycling industry to reduce the rapidly rising amount of plastic waste.

The team is collaborating with Gozdem Kilaz, an assistant professor in the School of Engineering Technology and her doctoral research China Plastic Pallet Manufacturers assistant, Peter Vozka, in the Fuel Laboratory of Renewable Energy of the School of Engineering Technology, to optimise the conversion process to produce high-quality gasoline or diesel fuels.The clean fuels derived from the polyolefin waste generated each year can satisfy 4 per cent of the annual demand for gasoline or diesel fuels. Wang became inspired to create this technology after reading about the plastic waste pollution of the oceans, ground water, and the environment. These plastics degrade slowly and release toxic micro-plastics and chemicals into the land and the water. Once the plastic is converted into naphtha, it can be used as a feedstock for other chemicals or further separated into specialty solvents or other products.Some results of Wangs study were published January 29 in ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering.”Wang added, “Our conversion technology has the potential to boost the profits of the recycling industry and shrink the worlds plastic waste stock. However, a new chemical conversion process could transform the world’s polyolefin waste, a form of plastic, into useful products like clean fuels and other items

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